Opening time:

 Monday-Sunday  8:30-16:30

Ⅰ. Open flames are forbidden in the scenic area.

Ⅱ. Keep the scenic area clean and behave civilized.

Ⅲ. Cherish plants and trees and keep off the lawn.

Ⅳ. No photos in production plant and R&D center.

Ⅴ. Please go along the restricted lane for visiting plants to avoid accidents.

Ⅵ. Guide should be followed and please don't make noise or chase during the visit.

Ⅶ. Please keep the personal belongs.

Ⅷ. Please call 0312-5590339 or turn to staff around you for help.

Ⅸ. Please call the complaint telephone 0312-6392550 for any

question or go to the tourist center to make a complaint.