Orient Sundar Window Group Energy Saving windoor Industrial Tourist Attraction

China's only door and window as the theme of the characteristics of industrial tourism attractions


Orient Sundar Window Group Energy Saving Doors and Windows Industrial Tourist Attraction is the only characteristic industrial tourist attraction with the theme of doors and windows. Major attractions in it include the world largest energy saving doors and windows industrial park, Asian largest exhibition and trading center of door window and curtain wall-China International Windoor City, the only global professional museum of doors and windows-China Doors and Windows Museum, the first passive integration and demonstration building in China.etc.


Orient Sundar Window Group was awarded “National Building Energy-saving International Innovation Park” by Ministry of Scienceand Technology in 2013.

Scenic area as the only with Windows culture as the theme in the national museum, showed the comprehensive development of doors and Windows culture in China.

Win-door, considered as Yong in ancient times, seem to play an active role in architectural culture of China and they have been serving as an important components for architect, which boast uniquely cultural implication and art charm.  

The earliest window decoration in China came into physical formation in the Western Zhou Dynasty. It was developing during the Han&Tang Dynasty in which the horizontal hanging scroll &mullion windows and checkered, overlapped texture as well as ball texture in pattern of window decoration appeared. Song, Liao, Jin Dynasty is the mature period for the traditional window decoration when various patterns of windows such as removable window, stone-made latticed window came into presence. From that time on, the window decorations have developed greatly in a variety of patterns and structures.